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Prevost Construction 


One of the core values at Prevost Construction is Togetherness. In combination with our five other core values, Togetherness embodies the concept of team and places it directly in the center of one's daily behavior. We've all used the phrase "we're all in this together", but no sooner than when the wheels fall off the bus that the person who uttered those words has their hand waving in the air to tell everyone else "it's not my fault - but I found the guilty one over here".


Our daily job responsibilities are hard enough without having the additional concern of worrying about a co-worker, project team member, customer or other self-proclaimed "boss" trying to get one over on you to make themselves look good or to avoid the consequences that were a result of poor preparation, bad decision making or just plain failure to take care of their responsibilities. Life is already hard enough. If we are all truly in this together, let's start treating each other with some respect and work towards solutions with some togetherness. Rather than struggling independently to reach a goal, isn't it better to collaborate and/or partner with someone to reach a common goal? When faced with a difficult challenge or personal situation with the certain someone in your life that is causing you grief, try to find some common ground.  


Listen, seek to understand, and partner with someone who will support you and work in the spirit of Togetherness. At Prevost, it's defined as follows: We embrace our family-like work environment by treating others as we would like to be treated. We are fair minded, respectful, and accountable for our actions. The elegant simplicity of success derived from true collaboration and genuine teamwork is an awesome feeling and is the best way to build a high performing team that delivers superior results. If you're curious as to what this looks like, give us a try on your next construction project to find out.

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