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Prevost Construction 

Our Culture

At Prevost, our business is truly a family affair. And our family extends past those with the Prevost surname; it includes every one of our valued employees and partners. We are a company with personality. We take pride in our work. Service with a smile means so much more to us because every smile is genuine.


When we work with our clients, they know they can count on…

Cutting Edge Innovative Thinking

Prevost is not a “cookie-cutter” construction company. We specialize in customized thinking “outside the box” by designing solutions personalized for your specific needs. The Prevost team easily adapts to each client’s specific requirements by employing Extraordinary Execution through Employee Excellence. We believe it is our responsibility to examine the project from different perspectives in order to provide the best solution to generate the most attractive, cost-effective, and time-efficient result.


Proven Expert Guidance

The cumulative past experience of all Prevost employees provide our clients with an excellent resource for answers. From the project manager to the on-site general contractor, the Prevost team employs Fast Cycle Teamwork to effectively communicate, collaborate, and coordinate. Our experienced team members take every care to foresee potential setbacks and implement the appropriate solutions to ensure project success.


Consistent Superior Results

The Prevost team ensures superior results for each and every project (no matter how large or small) by applying a proactive approach to every potential challenge. We address issues before they become a problem to ensure your project stays on track and on budget. We deliver highest quality results by asking the right questions, employing effective problem solving techniques to ensure we consistently exceed our client’s expectations.


Amazing Customer Experience

Prevost’s goal with every project is to build a long-term, lasting relationship with our clients. It all starts with a positive attitude. Every member of our team understands that ensuring a smooth process is of paramount importance. We make every aspect as easy as possible throughout the entirety of the project, from beginning to end. We strive to be the best construction company our client has ever hired. As a result, we go above and beyond to ensure the best possible client experience.

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